The temperament, the passion and the joy I experienced in Mexico were outstanding

In Mexico I have met amazing people. Friendly, helpful, passionate and being very grateful for what they have. Even though you might think they don’t have that much. I was so impressed and I learned so much from this beautiful attitude. They made me feel so welcome and they gave me so much love and joy. It’s heart to describe and to find the best words for it. I can only say that I love to think back of my time in Mexico and I will always keep the warmhearted souls I have met in my heart. I truly believe that the world can learn from this positive attitude and caring more about one another. I had the impression that they really know how to focus on the good while having a great time with little things. For me it has been the trip with the most laughs and the most fun at work. I’d go back any time. I Love Mexico. #besthostsever

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