Inner Summer goes Remote Year

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On July 30th I have started my Remote Year.  It all started last summer when I applied for the program as more than 250,000 others. I couldn’t believe when I got the opportunity to do it. Is that real? Yesss and I invite you to follow my journey. I’ll be working and living together with an international community of more than 60 inspiring people with all different backgrounds. What is super cool is that I’ll continue working for my company remotely while bringing back new ways of thinking. Apart from modern coworking spaces, the entire experience and travel logistics I’ll even get professional development on top through Remote Year. I will get to experience 12 international cities in Europe, Asia and Latin America as I never have before. I even have two program leads who are with us for the entire year. Isn’t that great? I’m so much looking forward to this unique experience of learning, growing, connecting and exploring. Life is a gift. I’m up for the challenge. #remoteyear #digitalnomads #cantwait

Check out my first inspring coworking space here in Split, Croatia: