Digital Nomads – could it be the lifestyle choice for you?

Have you ever considered doing something different with your life? Are you flexible, stuck in a rut, in need of opportunity or just desperate for a change in surroundings? If you have, and if the thought of working hard to achieve those goals doesn’t deter you, then you should think about working remotely for a year and becoming a Digital Nomad!

A Digital Nomad (wikipedia) is a new wave being and you hear about them every day. They travel the world and blog about their experiences, keeping travel logs (innersummer.com)and often writing or reviewing for travel sites. As well as digitally recording almost every unique aspect of their nomadic lifestyle; they also travel the world seeking out the most interesting experiences and often taking on other jobs in order to fund this not-so-lavish lifestyle.

If you fancy a lifestyle that is digital, diverse and different then you should turn your thoughts towards travel. Wouldn’t it be nice to be near the beach, or out in the sunshine working with cultures who you are growing to love and understand? Wouldn’t it be brilliant to learn about languages and diversity in different cultures as you go? If you are the kind of free spirit who doesn’t mind being of no fixed abode (or even of fixed abode on a temporary basis) then becoming a digital nomad could be just the lifestyle you want! If you are still not convinced then you should take a look at this list, courtesy of theexpeditioner.com, that summarises the top 50 travel blogs and what they do to earn their keep!

If you choose to work remotely for a year, you will do better if you take a strategic approach to your own unique experience. You will endure a steep learning curve that will set you up on your path to becoming a Global Citizen. This new global mindset and broadening of your intercultural skills will leave you as a more confident, well rounded and generally happier person. It is a great thing to be able to travel the world, and to do it while digitally working from remote locations is beyond exciting. It will be a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget… sure there are risks, but none greater than staying at home and occupying the couch for a year! This article from entrepreneur.com will give you tips on how to plan for your unique experience.

So if you are interested in a digital, diverse and different life than what you are used to, consider setting yourself up as a digital nomad and get yourself online. Plan your locations and itinerary as much as you can before you leave and be prepared for every eventuality…and remember, digital profit can be hard to come by, and nobody blames you if you take a little restaurant work on the side while you travel! Take a chance and have fun with it, and don’t forget to plan before you go! Start your learning curve this year and expand your intercultural skills today, and take on the mantel of wandering digital nomad for the future years to come. Are you interested in how I make it work? Then follow my journey on:

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